About us

We are Old Rochester Regional's school newspaper, Paw Prints. Our mission is to provide an informative and entertaining newspaper for the students of ORR while remaining true to the tenants of journalistic integrity. 


This 2018-19 school year, we will be operating as an academic club rather than as a class, like in previous years. Our adviser is English teacher, Mr. Allain. Paw Prints is run by a small but efficient bunch, and we are always looking for new contributors. We not only recruit writers, but also designers, photographers, and communicators. 



Our paper is student-run, meaning that students produce and edit the content we publish. Our current Editor-in-Chief, ORR student Emily Wilson, is in charge of recruiting personnel, making final calls on all matters regarding the paper, and editing her classmates' work. 

To learn more about our staff members, visit the "Our Staff" tab on our website. 



We will continue to be a creative outlet for all types of students as we produce a quality newspaper for ORR.