With a Grain of Salt: Peer Reviews of AP Courses

For many students, there seems to be an unspoken expectation of taking AP classes as you progress throughout high school. It's easy to imagine what a class may be like, but the most helpful way to figure out your schedule (and if the commitment is worth it) is to hear from those who've taken the course before. So, if you are wondering whether or not to sell your soul to the College Board, here is a compilation of honest student reviews to help you get some ideas of what to expect. If you would like more information, feel free to reach out to the AmbassadOR Club, teachers, or upperclassmen. Also, it is important to note that there is no set teacher for any course. These reviews are based off of individual experiences, and it is discouraged to base a course decision on a teacher that might run the class. You can change your course selections up until Step-Up day. With that being said, feel free to peruse these reviews and skip around to the courses that interest you!

(Order of reviews, so you can skip around as needed: Seminar, Research, English Lang., English Lit., Spanish, Latin, Calculus AB, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental, Physics 1, Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, European History, United States History, Psychology, Studio Art)


Opinion 1: AP Seminar is a class that is offered to Sophomores through Seniors, so it can be considered an introductory AP course. In my experience, it was a give and take type of class. I learned how to create professional, aesthetic Google Slides and conduct research at a step above what we already do in history. I gained confidence in presenting and learned to trust other people to care about a project as much as I did. There are 3 “tasks” (as they are called); the first is to create a group presentation on a topic of your choice (fair warning, the free reign can be intimidating to narrow a topic) and to essentially write a research paper on your topic through a given lense (for example: economic, or ethical, or scientific, or artistic). The second task was similar to the group project, only on your own -- a research project completely by yourself, using a stimulus packet to guide your research (essentially a collection of 7 wildly different sources with a common theme), and a 10ish minute presentation. Both presentations have “oral defense questions,” but honestly those are pretty easy after spending so much time researching. The third task was, in my opinion, the hardest. AP Seminar ends in an AP test where you apply the skills you learned throughout the year to synthesize sources and write an essay. If I were to sum it up, AP Seminar is as hard as you are willing to make it, and not necessarily as rewarding as you may think. Be wary of deadlines and make sure to stay on top of your work. I’m glad I took Seminar because it enabled me to take Research.

Opinion 2: I took this class because I wanted to take an AP class my sophomore year, but I really enjoyed learning how to write scholarly and do good research. Those are definitely super important lifelong skills. However, I wouldn’t take it if you aren’t planning on considering AP Research, as the courses really work best together. Definitely don’t take just because it gives you AP credit because I know many people who did that and didn’t enjoy it.

Opinion 3: Taking AP Seminar was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my academic career. The course covers a wide variety of topics and was one of the first classes where students were able to study a topic of their own interest. The class highlights the importance of public speaking, academic writing and synthesizing academic articles. Seminar consists of two presentations, one with a group and the other individually, as well as two academic papers, both individually. The first presentation, the Team Multimedia Presentation (TMP) is done as group work and is based around any topic of the groups choosing, with no guiding resources. This is a time where students are able to learn the fundamentals of the course and how to create a successful presentation in a group setting. This acts as the perfect bridge into an individual presentation. The course has been the most rewarding course I have taken and the results of my learning have been made apparent in almost every other class I have taken since. I would recommend this course to anyone up for a challenge and willing to put in the extra work.

Opinion 4: AP Seminar is the most helpful course I have taken so far, because it taught me how to give presentations. I have always hated presentations, and was never good at them, but Sem taught me how to put together good looking slides, and how to be confident when giving them. If you are considering taking it, do it, because it’s not super time consuming, and will teach you so much that you just won’t get from other classes.

Opinion 5: AP Seminar is actually a really useful class, you’ll learn useful skills like giving long, memorized presentations, designing eye-pleasing slides, and writing research papers. It sounds like a lot of work on paper, but everything is really spread through the year. I definitely wasn’t the best at public speaking before taking this class, but practicing throughout the whole year with the same group of people, the nerves die down and you’ll become much more confident with your presentation skills.

Opinion 6: I took AP Seminar my sophomore year because I hoped that it would help me with my presentation skills. However, I found that in AP Seminar we spent so much time getting our projects ready to present that we spent little time practicing presenting them. When it was time for our first big presentation, I felt extremely underprepared. I think we ran through our group presentation once in class before presenting it to every AP Seminar class on presentation day. I was not a better presenter at the end of this class. I would not recommend this class.


Opinion 1: AP Research is daunting. When you describe it, it’s a bit horrifying, really. You spend all year researching one topic and writing a 5,000 word paper. In a typical year, there would be a presentation, but because of a certain pandemic I was luckily exempt from that task. However, I’m sure that it would not have been that bad because as hard as the course sounds, it’s doable, largely in part to the support system. Your classmates share the struggle of this enormous task and Mr. Apperson is a great resource throughout the process. The hardest part of Research is the beginning: finding a topic, resources, and really figuring out what your “gap in the research” is. That is, in essence, what Research is about. You have to find a topic, write a research paper on it, decide what aspect is missing, and then conduct unique research to fill that gap. This class was painful, but scrolling through 20 pages of research, writing, and data is SUPER rewarding. You make tons of inside jokes and get a real look into what writing a real research paper entails, so I would definitely recommend this class.

Opinion 2: AP Research is a class like no other and is the first time your academic track is completely up to you, which is a bit scary. The course is based around one 5,000 word paper and a roughly twenty minute long multimedia presentation. Mr. Apperson and Ms. Barker will be your greatest ally throughout the course and will be your biggest resources as well. As scary and large as it sounds, I will never regret the decision to take AP Research. To say it is an investment is an understatement, both emotionally and time wise. However, despite these facts I would recommend AP Research to any student willing to take the leap into a self-guided course.

Opinion 3: Enjoyment of Research is definitely dependent on choosing the right topic. Personally, I absolutely loved the course and was excited to come to class everyday, but this was solely because I chose a topic that I really enjoyed. It’s definitely somewhat daunting in that it is very independent (so you have to manage your time well or you will end up with 1000 words to write before class the next day) and there isn’t really any clear direction. However, I suggest that you really concentrate on picking a topic that you love, and don’t be afraid to go out of the box.

Opinion 4: I am currently taking AP Research, and really enjoying it. It is similar to seminar, because you’ll get out of the course what you put into it, but it’s different from seminar in the sense that you are researching and working with a topic that you are interested in, and that you (hopefully) enjoy. If you have taken Seminar, I would really recommend Research, because you will build off what you’ve learned in a really cool way. It is a very self paced course, so you need to be organized and motivated throughout the year, and it helps if you pick a topic you are interested in and enjoy learning about. The final product (4000-5000 word paper and up to 20 minute presentation) seems scary, but you are prepared well and work on both throughout the year, so it doesn’t seem bad when you realize you’ve already done most of the work.

Opinion 5: If you are planning on taking AP Research, make sure you choose a topic for your paper that you are truly passionate about and interested in. You’ll have to write a 4000-5000 word research paper, similar to a paper you might find on JSTOR or other online databases. It’ll have an abstract, literature review, method section, and as many as 30 sources listed at the end of the paper. This class is definitely a big time commitment -- I spent a lot of time out of school writing and crying, but having taken the class, I’m really glad that I did. I know how to traverse the crevices of an academic paper, which is a skill that will definitely be useful for college. Final verdict: you’ll probably hate the class while you're in it, but the reward is worth the tears.

Opinion 6: There is no greater joy than when a result from a survey comes in. My mother told me repeatedly, “Watch TV, stop doing research and be like a normal kid!” But the truth is, AP Research is fun. You get to choose your own topic and research anything that you please. So, it is natural for you to get wrapped up in your research because it is something that you enjoy. Therefore, AP Research will never be work per say, however it will be good fun. The nights that I have to stay up until 1 A.M. doing Research homework are my favorite. I make a cup of cocoa, grab a blanket, and learn about a topic in which I am passionate about. This class is not stressful by any means. You will enhance your presentation skills, learn about how to research, and make great connections with your classmates.

English Language and Composition

Opinion 1: English Language and Composition, at least for me, felt like the next step in the progression of my english classes. It’s a good class, and I think it teaches you how to read critically. You spend the year reading different classics (they’re interesting, I swear -- In Cold Blood, Lord of the Flies, and Macbeth, to name a few), and learn how to analyze them. Full transparency, the stereotypes about english classes fully apply here. You will need to seriously discuss the importance of the curtain being blue, or why the author decided to use “the” over any other word. It feels a bit much at first, but finding connections eventually becomes more like a fun game. This class has reading, Socratic seminars, and essays in it. You practice the essays types and multiple choice questions a lot in class, though, so you’re extremely prepared for the test. Once again, as part of the COVID generation, my AP Lang test was a bit different. I had 45 minutes to write one essay based off of a source, and I felt very prepared for it. I think that if you consider yourself to be an english-y type of person, you should definitely take this course, and even if you don’t like to read or write that much, it’s a valuable class and offers a good challenge.

Opinion 2: AP Language and Composition with Mr. Allain was the best class I have ever taken in my entire life. The class I was a part of fostered both academic and community growth. The curriculum was incredible and the books we read were some of my favorite to this day. I’ve always been an avid reader and strong English student, and this class led to the most academic growth I have ever had. I believe that I grew the most as a student as a result of this class and was able to become the best English student possible. Having the class cut short as a result of COVID was absolutely heartbreaking for me. AP Language and Composition has been the best class I have taken, the most rewarding class, as well as the class that has made me the happiest. This class has been my biggest motivator to become an English major.

Opinion 3: I thoroughly enjoyed AP Lang. I took honors english my freshman and sophomore years, and deciding whether to take AP Lang seemed like a tough choice because I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting myself into. However, I can now say with certainty that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I highly recommend this class. Of course, it is important that you understand that you will be assigned large amounts of reading, but it is completely doable. In addition to teaching you how to write a really good essay, AP Lang will help you analyze things in more depth and detail than you have ever done before. This class taught me how to be a more detail-oriented reader and writer, with much better analytical skills. You will gain so many useful skills in this class.

Opinion 4: Take AP Lang. Not the most interesting class, but I saw a lot of improvement in my writing as the year went on. The AP Exam for AP Lang consists of three timed essays, around 40 minutes each. We practiced by writing timed essays in class, starting at 60 minutes and working our way down. This class taught me how to think quickly, even if I may not really know what is going on in a passage, and write like I know what I’m doing. The work isn’t really scary at all, and it’s not hard to get an A in the class if you complete the work on time.

Opinion 5: As someone who is currently in AP Lang during one of the weirdest years yet, I would absolutely recommend it. In my time at Old Rochester, I have taken Honors English, A-level, and now AP. I had Mr. Beson freshman year, Mr. Allain sophomore year, and now I have Mr. Biehl and I can say with certainty that they are all great teachers. As for the other teachers, I have also heard great things about them. So, no matter who you end up with, the course is worth it. I feel very prepared for the upcoming exam. Much of the year is spent analyzing speeches and essays, practicing multiple choice, and writing your own essays. Definitely consider it!

English Literature and Composition

Opinion 1: I technically am still in the middle of this course, so I really haven’t had time to process it yet. However, from what I’ve done, I can say that Literature is harder than Language. It seems like AP Literature will require more self-studying in the way of reading classic books because unlike AP Lang, AP Lit is reliant upon knowledge of books rather than skills with literary devices. The course load is not bad at all, and if you like english than this should be just fine.

Opinion 2: I am currently in AP Lit, and I will agree, Lit is harder than Lang. There is a lot more reading involved, a lot of Shakespeare, a lot of short readings from the textbook. Homework this year typically consists of readings and discussion questions, there aren't many projects outside of class. It is similar to AP Lang because we still practiced taking timed essays for the exam, but overall not too bad.


Opinion 1: Another class that I am only part way through and let me say, it is tough. I would say that the toughest part is the fact that it is a whole different language, which thus makes every assignment just a bit harder. Reliance on translators is a habit that must actively be kicked, and the time to buckle down and put time into spanish is now. I honestly took this course for the wrong reasons (namely college applications -- don’t do this), but the class itself is not terrible. Senora’s positivity is a great way to start my day, and the rigorous course load (yes, there’s always something to do), keeps your spanish skills sharp. I have the feeling I’ll be prepared for the AP test, but it might be one of my more painful classes.

Opinion 2: AP Spanish is not what I expected and I definitely felt a little unprepared going into this year. You are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of grammar going into the course which I felt I hadn’t developed yet (this is probably partly due to the fact that my Spanish 4 class was cut due to COVID). Make sure that you feel comfortable using a variety of different tenses before you start. This course is primarily focused on culture and Spanish as a language in context. It is very project based, so be sure to brush up your presentation skills and your Spanish speaking skills. Halfway through the course, I wouldn’t be able to give you specifics about what I’ve learned, but I do know that I’ve become a lot more comfortable reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish.


Opinion 1: AP Latin is for those who are not only passionate about the language, but also about the history involved with it. Knowing how to translate is only half of the struggle, because the translations you do are always related to the incredibly complex and intriguing history of the Roman culture. You need a complex understanding of the grammar, vocabulary, and the nuances of the Latin language, but I find the course to be incredibly rewarding. Knowing that you’re almost guaranteed a small class actually makes the class more fun, especially if you can get into a class with friends. It is very important to work with classmates during translations so the small class size is beneficial, and by the time you’re in Latin 5 you should already be reasonably au fait with your classmates strengths and weaknesses, and you can utilize those skills during translations. Realistically, you take AP Latin if you are not only adept, but passionate for the subject.

Calculus AB

Opinion 1: Considering how scary I thought this class would be, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by AP Calculus AB. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard, but it’s totally manageable. A resource that we’ve been using a lot is the Daily AP videos and they are super helpful at walking through the concepts slowly enough that you can come into class with the general gist. And if all else fails, my main man Sal Kahn comes in clutch for late night studying. Mr Kane is really great at shaping the class to student feedback, and once you settle into the year the class vibes get better. The tests/quizzes are hard, but there’s basically only two homework assignments a week and plenty of opportunities to study and prepare. Plus, AP math = answer binder, and that’s a true gift.


Opinion 1: One of the best AP classes I have ever taken. It’s not like any other math class you have ever been in before, so even if you aren’t the best at math, you might still really like this class. I think it is the most useful class I have taken at ORR, I’ve used ideas that I learned in AP Statistics in my AP Research paper, in AP Bio, and it honestly helped me understand more around me. Definitely recommend taking this class, and Ms. Kellum is really good at teaching it too.

Opinion 2: I loved AP Statistics and would recommend this course to anyone. It isn’t your typical math class, so don’t let your fear of not being good enough at math sway you away from taking this course. It is more about conceptual concepts and problem solving than math. The math you will do just consists of plugging information from the problems into equations to solve, and it’s really nothing too difficult. This class taught me how to think statistically, and I've learnt really important life skills in this class. I also found that it helped me significantly on my PSATs as well. Overall I found this class to be extremely interesting, and it was definitely doable for anyone.


Opinion 1: Like all double block classes, I don’t think it’s the best if you struggle paying attention. I had a really hard time focusing during double block classes, which definitely dampened my experience in the class. However the content is very useful and I enjoyed learning in it. Homework is pretty inconsistent as there will be some nights with no homework and others with a lot, which some students may not like.

Opinion 2: I am currently taking AP Bio, and I really like it. Coming from AP Chem last year, it seems relatively easy for a double block lab study. A lot of the content matter is going deeper into topics previously explored in freshman biology, so it was nice to have an idea of the subjects while learning the more in depth parts. I will say, the labs in AP Bio are not as fun as the labs in AP Chem, but the tests and content matter, for me at least, are much more manageable. I highly recommend taking this class.

Opinion 3: AP Biology is a lot of fun, but it can definitely get tough. I’m in it now and I’m definitely glad I took it. One of the most important things to know about this class is that you probably will not get an easy A! Biology freshman year was totally different than this year! I thought it was the end of the world when my term grade was an 80 for term 1, but it’s not. Basically, don’t be too tough on yourself if you consider taking this class. This year is tough for learning the content because a lot of it is self-taught, but I’m sure anyone taking this class in the upcoming years will have a different situation. I am very happy with my decision to take this class however, and would recommend it to others.


Opinion 1: Not for the faint of heart. I’m only about half-way through, but it’s clear from the get-go that AP Chemistry requires commitment to lots of work and a very fast paced class. I can say with certainty that this is the quickest course I’ve taken, it feels like you are testing often. But, Ms Whitney is a great teacher and we spend time in class on the harder topics, finding ways to dumb the big words down until you get the gist. Bad test grades are totally normal, but the problem sets will help cushion your grade so that even if you bomb a test you can still end with a B or even an A for the term. Anytime you talk about the material, you sound smart (which I think is a bonus), and the labs are fun to do, even when you have to do them by yourself because of COVID. Also, mind over matter is essential. You have to convince yourself that you like chemistry and are good at it, otherwise it is super easy to give in to the stress and get overwhelmed. Basically: testing is no fun, material is hard, totally doable. Would recommend.

Opinion 2: AP Chem has to be the hardest AP I have taken. I was really good at honors chemistry sophomore year, but I didn’t anticipate I would have such a hard time in this class. The topics are really difficult to understand, and there are a lot of different topics so you really have to try to stay on top of it because it's easy to fall behind. The tests are the hardest. Usually half multiple choice, half free response. Every other test is a cumulative, AP style test, meaning you have to study everything you have learned in the whole year. I would study for around 5-6 hours for each test, and still get mediocre grades. It’s hard. But, the rest of the class is in the same boat as you, so the scale will help you out on the tests, and the lab grades will help bring up your grade. If you do plan on taking this class, my one tip would be to make an in depth study guide for each chapter before the test. It will help you study while making it, and by the end of the year when you have a bunch of cumulative tests, you’ll have neat study guides to study from, rather than reading the textbook over again.

Opinion 3: I highly recommend AP Chemistry to whoever is willing to put the work in. It is not an easy class, and it will take up most of your time outside of school. However, I really learned a lot in this class and I enjoyed the challenge of it. If you are genuinely interested in chemistry, I recommend you take this class. Math is also a huge part of the class as well though, so if that scares you I wouldn’t recommend this class. Most of the questions on the tests require you to do difficult math problems without a calculator. Even if you get a bad grade on a few tests though, the labs and other work will likely balance your grade out in the end. It is difficult to get a bad grade in this class if you put in the work, so I wouldn't let the fear of your GPA dropping sway you away from this class.

Environmental Science

There is no student review of this class, but I have heard only good things about this course! If you would like to submit a review, feel free to email pawprints@oldrochester.org.

Physics 1

Opinion 1: I’m definitely not the person to ask about Physics, but I’ll try my best. This was the hardest class I’ve ever taken. It was my first AP science course, and physics in general is a very tough topic. This class requires a lot of self-directed studying, so motivation was a tough thing for me. Mr Kuncik is great in that there’s always a chance to stay after or go during a Bulldog Block or study to work on quizzes or materials. The quizzes are a little weird until you get used to them (quick run down: they are in a ladder system. You take a series of short quizzes where you need at least an 18/20 to pass and move on to the next quiz. You can take the quizzes as many times as you need to pass, and they get harder as you progress). This class really made me doubt a lot of things about myself, but I managed to finish the course so I guess that’s a victory. And as much as the material frustrated me, I’m already seeing how helpful it was in my calculus and chemistry courses (which is a cruel twist of fate, in my opinion). So, if you work hard and keep going on the quizzes and utilize your resources, you will do fine grade-wise in this class. I’m convinced that some people are physics people, and as I am not one of them, I cannot personally say that I had fun in this class. You might cry.

Opinion 2: AP Physics was the hardest class I have ever taken and required the largest amount of studying and time invested. If you are anything like me, you will cry (a lot). Mr. Kuncik does a great job of teaching and presenting the curriculum, it was just so dense and had to be learned at a quick pace. I am not necessarily the strongest science student and I now know that I most certainly would not be an “advanced” STEM student.

Opinion 3: I am currently in AP Physics, and it's not as bad as I thought it would be when I signed up for it. Basic algebra is the highest level of math you will probably need in this class, although I did take Calc before which helped me understand velocity and acceleration a little more. Quick disclaimer though: I am taking physics during COVID-19 times, which is why I think I am having a much easier time in the class. Mr. Kuncik lets you retake all of the miniquizzes until you get 100, which means that you could get 100 in the class if you put in the effort. However, although I am doing well in the class grade wise, I don’t feel very prepared for the AP Exam. If you don’t want to take AP Physics, I do think you should take Honors or A level, because it is a prerequisite for a lot of college programs and you don’t want to be unprepared!

Computer Science Principles

Opinion 1: AP Computer Science Principles was one of the most enriching courses I have taken throughout high school. Going into the course, I knew absolutely nothing about computers or coding but Mr. Linane always offered a helping hand and was able to guide me through what I believed would be the most difficult course. The class is incredibly manageable and is a great course for beginner students despite being an AP.

Opinion 2: I took AP Comp Sci having no prior knowledge about computer science or having taken any other comp sci classes. However, I can say that this is a relatively easy AP class that you can get an A in. It is a nice GPA booster. Throughout this class, I’ve learnt that coding is not my strong suit, but Mr. Linane is a great resource and helps me when I’m struggling. I recommend this course to anyone.

Opinion 3: I get excited to go into this class every Friday because it definitely is a ton of fun. Mr. Linane is a great teacher and funny person to talk to. That being said, if you don’t have any passion for coding, maybe consider one of the engineering classes instead, as this one can get a little tricky. Creating apps and projects is super time-consuming, so if you do take this, know that it adds some weight to your schedule! Like I said though, I love attending the class.

Computer Science A

There is no student review of this class, but I say go for it (why not). If you would like to submit a review, feel free to email pawprints@oldrochester.org.

European History

Opinion 1: AP Euro is a class I would encourage all history enthusiasts to take. In my opinion, Mr. Everett is one of the most phenomenal educators at ORR; his passion and seemingly endless knowledge makes every unit exciting. This class isn't the type of situation where it's you and your textbook against the world. Rather, Mr. Everett shows all kinds of quirky video clips, fun documents, and anecdotes that pertain to the unit. I didn't take APUSH, so I was worried the workload would eat me alive, but it hasn't been too crazy. In order to do well, you absolutely need to do the reading, take good notes, and study, but you'll never have more than 25 pages/night. I highly, highly recommend this class and truly could rave about it all day long.

United States History

Opinion 1: Most difficult class I have taken at ORR but definitely the most valuable. I learned so much about critical thinking, analyzing complex issues, argumentative writing and just about everything. There is a LOT of content though, and you are expected to review US 1 over breaks, as it’s covered on the AP exam. If you don’t take notes and do the readings, you will not do well. And there is a lot of reading. I had 200 pages of typed notes. However, it’s still very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge.

Opinion 2: This is the type of class that you just power through and don’t realize how hard it is until it’s over. You must be ready to grind in this course. It’s a lot of material, but for the most part the class is interesting and Dr Carroll keeps you invested. I say “for the most part” because in-class essay days will make you want to drop out from the stress. It’s a difficult task, but you are prepared for it from the in-class lectures. The weekend readings are no joke (like a solid 4-6 hours depending on how you take notes and how you procrastinate). I ended up with three full notebooks and filled a binder when I reviewed for the AP test (shoutout to Khan Academy). This class is satisfying and it’s really fun to be able to connect events to understand how a historical era unfolded. Plus, it’s really cool to just know different historically significant events, and be a well-rounded person. I will say that I still have some flashbacks when I see Dr Carroll’s clock (from counting the minutes until it was safe to assume there would be no pop essay in Term 3).


Opinion 1: AP Psych is often considered “the easy AP” and I’m not going to dispute that, because it was definitely my easiest AP. However, one unexpected area of trickery is the content. In other courses, you are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of the subject. This doesn’t really exist for psych, so it’s all new. Homework wise, it’s pretty relaxed and consistent. There’s one term project and reading every night. I definitely would say it’s easier than a lot of the other APs I have taken, but it’s still an AP course and has that level of rigor.

Studio Art

Opinion 1: I am only halfway through my AP art course, but as an artist, I can tell you that this class is one of the reasons why I'm so excited to go to school. One of the main reasons this course is so great is that you are given so much creative freedom. This course is made to create an art portfolio that will be submitted to the college board, but also serves as a method to explore new ways of expression through art. Throughout the year you will be exploring a topic of your choice (your sustained investigation). You will be creating around 20 new and finished pieces through the school year. I have the class with Ms. Butler and she is a ball of light! She consistently creates a fun and creative energy within the classroom. Although I didn’t take AP Art last year with Ms. Mogliniki, I did take honors art with her, which was mixed with the AP class, and it was very fun as well. Both Ms. Mogs and Ms. Butler make for great teachers for this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to push themselves further with their art. Sometimes people can misjudge this course as an easy A, but there a definitely some things to know before signing up for this class. To be successful in this class I needed to put aside plenty of time to complete my artwork. This class is very much time-commitment and effort oriented. It can be easy to fall behind on your workload, so it’s important to finish your work around the time-frame you are given. But other than that, the class has to be one the best classes I have taken.

Reviews submitted by: Daphne Poirier, Payton Lord, Emma Williamson, Will Lecuyer, Katelyn Luong, Paige Sommers, Allison Ward, Taylor Green, Tavish Nunes


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