How are ORR Students Handling Quarantine?

In this man on the street style article, the paw prints staff asked ORR students how they're dealing with self-quarantining and how they've managed to make the most of it.

By The Paw Prints Staff

What has been the most difficult part of social isolation for you? What has been the easiest part?

 “I think the most difficult part is being apart from all my peers and friends. Not being in school and doing my regular activities like DECA and Drama really have thrown me off. And the easiest part is probably getting to spend more time with my family!” - Kinsley Trout, Sophomore

 “I would say the hardest part of self-isolation is the fact that I can’t see the people I see every day anymore like friends and family. The easiest part I would have to say is playing video games all day and all night and waking up late in the morning.” - Tiago Duarte, Sophomore

"For social isolation - probably having to wear a mask everywhere and not being able to see your friends and family. The easiest part is I think having only 2 hours of work max a day.” - Alexis Morgan, Sophomore

Have you gotten the chance to learn any new skills during quarantine? If so, what skills?

"I've learned how to juggle using my dog's tennis balls." - Lucas Mello, Sophomore

"I think a big skill is time management and focus, because before quarantine we were in school and our day was structured with teacher supervision, but now our schedules are up to us and we’re responsible for getting the work needed done on time with all the distractions surrounding us in this uncertain time." - Brian Palker, Junior

"I've started to cook more." - Natalie Nilson, Senior

"I've taken up hula hooping!" - Elise Mello, Senior

Have you seen any good movies/shows during quarantine? Have you seen any bad movies/shows? If so, what are they?

“I watched Dunkirk and ONWARD (10/10) and I’m almost done with Outer Banks which was okay. Omg and I started Defending Jacob but only three episodes have been released but it’s SO GOOD! I don’t think I’ve seen anything bad.” - Jackie Barrett, Senior

“I just finished binge watching outer banks and I’m also watching All American right now. I would recommend both shows because I think they are really good. Unfortunately, I have gotten through them quickly because there’s only 1-2 seasons :(. Also out of boredom I did start watching My Babysitter's a Vampire. 10/10. I am physically unable to watch High School Musical 3 because it causes uncontrollable crying. RIP senior year.” - Meghan Berg, Senior

"I've been watching a podcast on Youtube by Cody Ko and Noel Miller, and just watched a lot of comedy specials, lots of John Mulaney." - Joseph Sheridan, Senior

Are you disappointed that we will not be returning to school until the fall, or relieved?

"I am not necessarily relieved, but I am definitely not disappointed to not be back. I really don’t mind not being at school. In fact I feel less stressed and have more free time to do other things I enjoy. However, I feel like I can’t stay away from school too long because I do admit that I learn more and learn faster in a school environment". - Autumn Tilley, Sophomore

"I am disappointed. A few weeks off was a nice break, but not going back is sad. Although the work load and time management is stressful sometimes, being in school allows us to stay socialized with our friends and teachers and learn about our different subject areas. Especially being quarantined in our houses is tough because we are unable to socialize and not learn as interactively within our classroom. I am sad that we will not be returning to school, especially that we didn’t know it was going to be our last day. I think that is the toughest part. If we had known that walking out on March 13th was going to be the last time in our 2019-2020 school year it would have been bitter sweet but a little easier to come by as of now. However we had no idea and have had to deal with that. Now I just pray that all the senior events will go on and we will be back up and running in the fall!" - Carly Drew, Junior

"I am disappointed because I miss my friends so much and the end of the school year is always something to look forward to, but, at the same I feel like it’s a nice break to reset and focus on valuable family time. Personally I get super stressed very easily so it’s been nice to not feel any stress and just be able to take it easy at home with my family as much as I miss all of my friends and teachers." - Lauren Hartley, Junior

Seniors - what are your thoughts on the school moving prom and graduation to August?

"It makes sense and I think it is the right call. It will probably make me go to prom. I wasn't going to go originally due to anxiety but I want to see everyone one last time all together." - Ian McCann, Senior

"I’m super glad our school didn’t give up and just cancel everything like the majority of schools. I’m really thankful to the staff and parents that made that happy and it’s wicked exciting. Obviously it’s not exactly what we had hoped for, but it’s still an amazing feat. The only downside is for the kids who will already be off to their next endeavor, or families on vacation who could potentially miss it :(." - Jenna Durgin, Senior

"I'm excited that our administration has decided to postpone our senior events to August rather than cancel them or make them virtual because we will get to (hopefully) have an in-person celebration with our friends and teachers which we would otherwise miss out on. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again!" - Cecilia Prefontaine, Senior


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